Why Open the Bible?

You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life, and it is these that testify about Me.
- JOHN 5:39

Often I have believers tell of their conflicts and adverse situations which made them turn to the Bible in search of something that would move directly to the heart and touch them, but they found nothing. Has that ever been your experience? You are in need, confused, lacking direction, and upon opening the Bible, you do not find the needed comfort. Perhaps in desperation you have thrown down the Bible in hopes it would open to a suitable passage to bring the needed relief. No doubt there have been times when the Lord used this method to minister to your need, but more often than not the Bible probably fell open to an obscure passage recounting the lineage of some other desperate soul.

Why, when the knowledge of the “word” is proclaimed as the cure-all, do so many find nothing when they are in times of need? Do they have a wrong heart? Why are

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