We Are a Voice

I am the voice of one calling in the desert, “Make straight the way for the Lord.”
- JOHN 1:23 [NIV]

I remember playing dress-up as a child; I would be a cowboy, an adult, or an army officer, and then I would pretend to become a voice in that particular bunch. Adults can continue to dress up as environmentalists, hippies, radicals, intellectuals, activists, religious personalities, political conservatives or liberals, and they leave their places of abode to pretend, simply echoing what they have heard from the world. In this case, they dress, act, and talk to avoid life and the real world, which is proof that what they believe does not even work in the real world. Again, they become an echo, not a voice espousing original convictions. Many have come to conclusions vicariously through the experiences of others. Some—and I hate to say it—develop echoes from watching television sit-coms, movies, and talk shows (shudder)! The world prefers an echo to a voice, followers to leaders, a bland average to a shining light. There is an echo that allows one to become a voice in the world, not a follower or one pretending at life, but one having real, original life in living color with a voice that does not withdraw from the world but takes it. John the Baptist was just such a man.

Christ is in us. When we communicate the life within, we are not echoes but actual voices. Christ is life. He created us, everything is held together by Him, He lives in us, we are His workmanship, we are His righteousness, and we are not imitations. We are each one uniquely His voice. Just as the Father expressed Himself through the Son and the Son was not an echo, the Son desires to express Himself through His people. As we allow this, we are not echoes, for we are voices. We are not imitating Christ; we are participating in His life. We are the branches grafted in, receiving the life of the Son which has become our life. Colossians 3:4, “When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory.” The only way to be a voice—to pull away from the bunch, to stop pretending, to live life in its fullness—is to abide in Him.

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