The Pit

We have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this allsurpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair.

Often as a child I would watch a mystery movie. Typically a scene would show an unsuspecting victim opening a stairwell door to discover the thing he or she feared most. I remember silently screaming, “Don’t open the door!” However, the door was always opened and the victim destroyed. Similarly, when discipling I perceive impending danger to a believer, such as the distinct possibilities of a destroyed relationship, overwhelming sin, and personal harm. Many times the warning is not heeded and the believer—with full understanding of the possibilities of the future—marches straight into danger and stupidity. In short, he opens the door that should remain closed and becomes a victim.

I have often pondered the enemy’s ability to dig a pit for the unsuspecting. However, I stand in awe at God’s ability to do something far greater. Yes, the enemy does dig the pit, but unknowingly, as he mounds up the dirt, he is building a ready access to God. How often I have witnessed a believer standing in a pit, the enemy believing the end is near, and then God speaks. The believer turns around toward the voice and there, in front of him, is a mountain reaching up to the presence of God. I have personally observed children in an alcoholic environment, women with unfaithful mates, individuals in bankruptcy, and people with dashed dreams all turn to find that the pit had actually become the vehicle for moving into the presence of God.

In every situation we must ask, “Is God with us?” “How is this pit to become a mountain?” “Do we not have a God?” Many times, upon seeing those we love standing at the edge of the pit, we panic, race to help, and attempt to fill the pit. We forget that we have a God greater than the pit, a God who will take all the effort of the enemy and with a word turn it into the vehicle by which our loved ones rediscover Him. In finding Him, they find life.

Many believers become frantic to ensure none of the unpleasant things that brought them to Christ ever happen to their own children. I will continue to warn about the pits, but I will also continue to trust in the living God to make the pit a mountain. We never need to be undone, for we have a great God.

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