The Peace Of God

And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.

One day while visiting the mountains I noticed the eagle between the great heights, suspended above all the world, stopping, observing, listening, watching, waiting, and resting. Perfect peace! This is like the peace of Jesus. In prayer we recognize we have been placed in Him, and He is in the great I AM. Not only does Christ dwell in us, but we dwell in Him as surely as the eagle is at home in the heights. We can take time to be quiet, settle our mind, and acknowledge by faith that we have entered into Him. In Him it is quiet; we float above earthly cares in rest and peace. With no effort we wait for a whisper from Him, the gentle blowing of the wind (His Spirit). The peace of God holds us. We are silent. We watch, observe, stop, and listen. We are in Him, suspended. In this place I call the peace of God we can pray for hundreds in seconds. We do not try to change His will; we see the wisdom of it and are comforted by it. We even rejoice in what others would say is bad. Oh, to be the eagle, to float in His peace. I have been there. It was only a visit, but one day I will reside there permanently.

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