Making Life Make Sense

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

Jesus makes life make sense. When we take hold of Him, we have the meaning to the universe and life itself. When anyone exposes all he is to the Lord, he changes! Life is full and has meaning. I can prove it! So can you! Take fifteen minutes with Him (Him, that most wonderful and personal word, Him) and you will not be the same.

Jesus must be included in life, for if the end result of life is me, myself, and I, then in the end I will fall apart. I must hold on to Jesus, the God/Man, the one I relate to. If I refuse the open invitation to fellowship, I pay the price of starvation at the point of my deepest need, for my new, born-again spirit is only fed by His Holy Spirit. When He is neglected, I am neglecting my deepest need. Soon I will become cynical and lack depth in my life. If, however, my spirit is fed in fellowship, then I will find the drive to witness, to lose, and to forgive, and out of my innermost being will flow rivers of living water. To seek Him is to seek life, to find Him is to find life, to live in Him is to live life. I will give thanks for everything that drives me to Him!

Even death will be the vehicle for the release of His life.

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