Loss, Loss, and More Loss

Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter by it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and few are those who find it.”
- MATTHEW 7:13, 14

Once when preparing to retire for the evening at an old man’s house, I asked a parting question, “What do you think is the purpose of life?” He never hesitated, just kept walking, and mumbled, “Death, death, and more death. Loss, loss, and more loss.” With that, the door to his bedroom closed. I laid in bed for several hours just meditating on what he said. Then I heard Jesus speak through the Scriptures, “Enter through the narrow gate, the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction.” I was then reminded of a recent trip to Vietnam, where I went crawling through the old war tunnels that sprawled underneath the ground. The guide said there was only one way in, and we had to leave behind all valuables, backpacks, cameras, and hats, because the way was just too small. Oh, how I wished I had not started that journey. At first I entered standing, and then the tunnel narrowed until in pitch-black darkness I was scooting along on my stomach, my shoulders and head were hitting the wall above me, and there was barely any air to breathe . . . nor was there any turning back. After several minutes we dropped into a rather large room (10x10x6), a storage area for everything

needed to survive: rations, water, medical supplies, plus safety. What a trip to get there, though. This was the first of many such tunnels, with each one opening into a larger room containing something the soldiers during the war would have needed. Some rooms had been very dangerous, because bombs not detonated had been cut into pieces and drug through the tunnels in order for the explosives to be removed, the steel smelted, and hand grenades made.

We have a few years on this planet, where our goal is not gain but loss. Today many “Christian Clubs” promote the idea that we are to accumulate as much as possible until, in the end, it would take a wide path and train of elephants to carry everything sought after and found. It would never be possible to carry pride, wealth, success, intelligence, superiority, victories over enemies, or titles on the narrow path; that path is not made to accommodate such things. One day we will all reach the narrow path, and some will get on their hands and knees (a place they have often been) and pass through easily with their accumulated knowledge and revelation of Christ. Others will stand there dumbfounded, wondering what they are to do with their great line of amassed possessions. Again, the wrong thing can be said so many times that the right thing sounds wrong. Remember the Jews when they were so mad at Jesus for the pigs that ran over the cliff? My question would have been, “Why are you upset at losing the very thing you were never supposed to have had?” Many believers get depressed because they lose the very thing they should not have had. Some are so undone that the enemy whispers, “Suicide”; that shows a lot of pride.

It is no fun to lose and lose and lose, but it is the path you have chosen, and though He is the only comfort on the narrow path, is He not more than sufficient? It is no fun to lose family, friends, kids, security, or a marriage. Keep on that narrow path, for it will open into a secure place that has all you need.

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