Like God

For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

Knowledge is a wonderful thing! “A wise man is strong, and a man of knowledge increases power” (Proverbs 24:5). Knowledge can allow man to know God. However, the hiccup comes when knowledge allows man to be like God. Many persons long for the knowledge that will make them like God. We want to know the future, to understand how to change a loved one, to be better prepared for life’s obstacles, to discern the mind and motives of others, and to know how to change ourselves. Once those things were known, we would find it to be dead knowledge, for knowledge that makes man like God, since man is not God, always leads to frustration. Why? We may know the things of God, just like God knows them, and yet man does not have the power of God to act on what has been learned. Man knows, but cannot do. We may sit with others examining the behavior of a politician, a friend, or a relative and conclude that he is quite mad. But what is done with the conclusion, who does it help, and what can we do? Nothing. Therefore, Jesus gives a simple command, “Do not judge.” Knowledge demands that it be followed and acted upon, but without the ability to follow, man will begin to condemn himself. Knowledge sets a standard that must be kept. If understanding is not obeyed, it will then judge. Therefore, the Law (the knowledge of God) will always condemn and judge those who come in contact with it. Man assumes knowledge will bring relief, something to boast in, and hope; rather, it brings bondage. Once the “at risk” person understands the folly of his way and yet continues in that way, the ensuing damage will be intensified by a whispering voice, “I told you so!” I personally have never met someone who did not know when he was doing something stupid, yet he did it, and who is to blame? Knowledge will never show compassion. Man is not like God, for what God knows, God has the power to do and does. His knowing and doing are one. 

The believer is not interested in being like God, for he has the true and living God and does not need another. The believer wants to know God. The believer is happy to leave the future, his life, and others’ lives in the hands of God. The believer is not consumed with knowledge that exalts, but a knowledge that brings confidence in God’s ability to cause all things to work together for good.       

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