Is Jesus All I Need?

Jesus answered, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.”
- JOHN 14:6 [NIV]

Consistently, each day since I accepted Jesus, I have been told that Jesus is not all I need. I was told all the way through Bible College and Seminary that Jesus was not enough; we needed to know Greek, Hebrew, the context of the gospels, history, archeology, and more. Jesus was not enough. Christian counseling often allows Freud to say more than Jesus; with just Jesus—so the contention goes—we would not be able to see emotions, marriages, or struggles healed. Nearly every day in my office or on the phone I am told of how the presenting problem is bigger than Jesus. It was not any different in the Campus ministry groups. One man came who was an “intellectual” believer. He could prove Jesus. Jesus was not enough; we needed the facts.

Do you believe that Jesus is all you need? It could well be that today, when the emphasis in the Church has so long been on what we need outside of Jesus, you may not know what Jesus did, who Jesus is, what He accomplished, or how the Jesus you read about actually lives in you. He wants to live through you as the Father lived through Him, and Jesus is really all you need. 

It is the spirit of religion we are fighting, the additions that get hung onto Jesus until who He is actually gets forgotten. Today there is more understanding of what He is not than what He is. Some groups of believers I have been around for nearly thirty years know no more about Jesus than the day they accepted Him. Instead, as new waves of experiences or special knowledge come in, they have consistently embraced each new addition to Jesus. They are experts in the additions, but they could not explain the basics. How did Jesus conquer sin, death, hell, and captivity? How did He overcome the world in His flesh? What is His body and blood? How could He live in me? How is He released through me? What does it mean to hear He is Prophet, Priest, King, Leader, Guide,

Life, Lord, Mediator, and Peace? I am convinced and will not budge from the fact that Jesus is all I need! Jesus is all I need, He is all you need, and we will not rest until we know the One who called us.

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