I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

There is much I could say about divorce without getting into the debate as to whether or not a Christian can get a divorce. I am not taking a position on that topic; that is not the purpose of this article. I have worked diligently for decades to see every marriage stay together. Unfortunately, that effort was not always rewarded. Root issues are at play in every divorce, heightening the issue of self-centeredness and often leading to the destruction of families. The fact is that marriage does not create as many problems as it reveals. Much could be said, but, as is my custom, I want to move to a greater truth. Can you believe that God causes all things to work for good? Can you believe that His primary goal is not a good marriage? Can you believe that His goal is the revelation of Christ in you, the loss of your glory to obtain His, the destruction of pride that you might have His strength, and the dissolving of your kingdom so you might enter into building His? I am vexed when any particular deed of the flesh is exalted above another, such as when self-righteousness will put a person in leadership and unrighteousness will take him out. We have all walked in the flesh, all been stupid, and some of us have gotten divorces. Laying aside the issue of the right or wrong of divorce (my efforts speak for themselves), I want to raise a different question: Do you believe that once divorced, a brother or sister is doomed to a life of being a second-class Christian, never to rise above mediocrity, with the work of Jesus having ceased in his or her life? Do you believe God is limited by divorce? I do not! His goal is Jesus. I have actually met people who came to Christ because they had a divorce! They tried restoration and the other was not interested; in fact, the mate had thought them quite mad. It vexes me when any believer, because of any failure, believes he has now been put in the hopeless bin. My goal is Jesus. If some really come to know Jesus in a good marriage, a bad marriage, or no marriage, I rejoice in Jesus. Guilt and condemnation are of the devil and will only make a person stall out. We must first and foremost press on to, and in, Jesus.

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