Divine Umbilical Cord

Beloved . . . it has not appeared as yet what we will be. We know that when He appears, we will be like Him, because we will see Him just as He is.
- I JOHN 3:2

Picture an umbilical cord running from God to Jesus on earth. The Oneness flowed into the man named Jesus. The Word in God became a man. Jesus had the body and soul of a man but the very life of God. When Jesus spoke, the words were God’s. This man, Jesus, who did everything, actually did nothing except what was done by the Father through Him. In the lifetime of Jesus, the body and soul of a man struggled with His Spirit; Jesus won, and the body, soul, and world became a place of victory for Him. His body was no longer bound to the world. This Spirit, this life that wins, comes out in the blood of Jesus, for as we are told in Genesis 9:4, “The life is in the blood.”

On the cross, Jesus would have liked the cup to pass from Him. What was the cup? It could not have been physical suffering, for He acknowledged that flesh and blood do not enter the Kingdom. The cup was the intimate connection with the Father that He had always experienced, even before time. The umbilical cord was cut by the Father, and instantly Jesus’ spirit was isolated. Sin immediately took its opportunity, encasing His spirit as though weighted in concrete. He who knew no sin became sin. His spirit began to sink; just as David prophesied, He was descending. Then death encased what was already encased in sin, and further into the abyss He sank. In hell, captivity added one more layer. Though sin, Satan, and the world could not defeat Him in the body, into the dark place they had now taken Him, encased in sin, death, and captivity. Their celebration, though, was premature, for light is greater than darkness. All three encasements broke open and Jesus emerged. He took captivity captive, broke the power of sin and death, and plundered hell itself. He was reconnected to the Father, Who moved Him back to His body, raising Him from the dead.

Our spirit can go only where the body, its earth suit, takes it. But when the Spirit of Jesus returned to His body, the Spirit was now so much greater that it actually transformed His body, which then would go where the Spirit wished. Since the Spirit could move through doors, so, too, could the body. Once He ascended to heaven, He took with Him the spoils. He is the Son of man in heaven, having overcome the body, sin, Satan, the world, the law of sin, the law of death, and captivity. He is united in perfect peace with the Father. Every bit of the victory gained by the Word is now brought into the Divine oneness as a part of the Father. As Jesus moves through the Holy Spirit into new sons, the umbilical cord that comes from God, carrying with it all that God is, attaches to the new life of believers, who then share in the life that is the Living Word.

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