Decision-Making and the Peace Of God

And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

The peace of God is God, for all that God is stands in agreement. The decisions God makes are in light of the context of His peace. There are no outside influences. I sometimes illustrate the peace of God as a circle within which lie all the attributes of God: His will, His judgments, His provision, His wisdom, His mercy, His love, and His word. Complete agreement and absolute peace exist among His attributes. Therefore, when He decides something, it is perfect. When He gives direction, it is infallible. 

Contrast that with man. We are never at peace. All of our attributes (mind, will, emotions, and body) disagree. Add to the confusion inside us the confusion outside of us. To make a decision we must have everything right. We cannot get it right, though. We must take into account the actions of others, hoping we judged them properly. We must consider how our decision will affect others. Is it the right thing? Will it work out in the long run? There are so many variables in decision-making that most people approach it with fear and apprehension. Who could blame them? What is the solution for those of us who are fragmented? We turn to the only one that is One! “The Lord thy God is One God.” There is no division in Him; there is peace. 

Therefore, let the peace of God rule in your heart. You say, “I do not know the peace of God!” Not so! You do know the peace of God. You may not know when it comes, but you have always known when the peace of God has left you. Judging when it leaves is the secret. I decide to buy a car, and the peace of God leaves me. I decide to discipline my child in a particular way, and the peace of God leaves me. I decide that I will fix my relationships by withdrawing and no longer caring, and the peace of God leaves me. When the decision I have made is the wrong one, the peace of God leaves. Let every decision be rooted in this peace. Move with this peace, and you will be moving perfectly. It is easy!

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