David Versus Solomon

And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.”

David vs. Solomon? It is vexing to see the number of people who claim to abandon their mates for a relationship with a “soul mate.” The infatuation with another leads them to forfeit all other relationships for this one that supposedly will bring ultimate satisfaction. In one way I think marriage conferences feed it, in that the speakers feed a fantasy of what marriage in Christ is really like. They present a portrayal of family in which children do not leave footprints on the floor and the home is nirvana. The goal of Christianity is no longer Christ but idyllic relationships with those around us. They do not seem to point out the reason why we have conflicts, disagreements, and frustrations with a person from whom we cannot escape. The Lord works it out beautifully as we are forced to grow in weakness and failure, allowing Christ to become our strength. We are obliged to let His love flow through us when we have run out of our own carnal love. 

Why bring Solomon and David into this discussion? So I can ask a question. Ready? Which would you pick, the Song of Solomon or the Psalms? Both describe nearly perfect relationships; one describes the relationship with another, the other with God. Which would you prefer?

Personally, I would rather see husbands and wives fulfilled in their relationships with the Lord than in the relationship with one another. Why? The lesser must always give way to the greater. If the wife and husband first had a vibrant relationship with God, I believe their relationship with one another would be very, very, very fulfilling. We encourage one another in Christ. When we have Him as the priority, we are softer, more easily forgiving, harder to offend, and more selfless. 

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